The Pathway Is Open

Simple phrase, what does it mean?
It’s getting free from where I’ve been.

Shackled, chained in my own prison,
Keeping higher callings un-risen.

Leave behind eternal fight,
Choose instead to walk the light.

But loved ones near,
They all housed fear.

Why are they against?
Blocked, keeping me fenced.

Attempts at truth bring firestorm,
Rekindled love made that transform.

They were with, no matter what,
It was I who made them shut.

All my musings caused neglect,
Just paid mind, love and respect.

Both in giving and receiving,
From these gifts no longer grieving.

Walking with me steered by heart,
So glad now we didn’t part.

Reaffirmed love forever,
Ways meant to be together.

So much strife, feuds at length,
Now it brings ab-surd strength.

Ready now to face what’s next,
Beast blockade of cash complex.

Countless devils I must pay,
Time for them to see their day.

Keeping from deeper desire,
From that end I never tire.

Toiling day and night, seeking salvation,
Never filled, this fiend of my creation.

All to keep stability,
Beast is liability.

Satisfy the feral debt,
This hurdle I’ll then forget.

Ancient promise at its roots,
Sever that and keep the fruits.

With those fruits and family dear,
My way will then be clear.

Choose one way, either/or was the call,
Stubborn creator, I want it all.

Ask and it will be true,
Know now what I need to.

Keep the treasures of these wins,
There’s no need to shed those skins.

No longer a thing of glory,
Big part of the coming story.

Grateful for that winter trigger,
Soon be building something bigger.

Didn’t know that angel arrival,
Would soon be the key to survival.

Ask and create I have my hope in,
See way for the pathway to open.

Still some work to be done,
Toward the light now I run.
© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.