A Sign

Blue rolls in, ceaseless power
Waiting here for an hour

To ride the perfect wave
This dawn patrol I must save

Warm embrace of that soft quilt
Shivering now near churned up silt

Though frozen to my core
Not returning to that shore

Sometimes yearning for a sign
From above to draw the line

Messages in the air
Indications everywhere

Waiting for that perfect ride
Suddenly I am beside

Breaching dolphin from the face
I’m floating in precise space

Turn and copy creature’s paddle
Take off, stand up, in the saddle

Carving through that climbing spray
Lost yet holding balance on the way

Cobalt roller fuels explosive lift
From recent frozen misery I did shift

Warmed by something now within
Delivering me from places I’ve been

Playful creature points out soul inflection
Of rebirth and forthcoming resurrection.

Your guidance can solicit
Careful not to miss it.

Passes through like a breeze
Stay aware, you too will seize

© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.