Conquering Evil

Good against evil dark against light,
Speaking of a never-ending fight.

Vanquish evil, that’s your plan,
So long has been the quest of man.

Must end them now for they sin,
Beware first of your demon within.

Before casting blame for what they destruct,
How it came to your body construct.

Your mind works, for your person’s defense,
But often concoct unfounded offense.

Before concluding that you’ve been wronged,
What is the sound of your internal song?

Paranoid and fearful from past events?
Holding them responsible makes no sense.

That thing they did could have killed me.
But they didn’t, don’t you see?

Evolving, your group in session,
Redeem now that long impression.

Not made by man in your face,
You’re looking in the wrong place.

Things inside they now grate,
Source within makes you hate.

Before casting your offensive glare,
Know your work’s within, right there.

Your stuff inside is much bigger,
Outside events are just a trigger.

Get rid of that trigger and no longer worry?
But another will come along in a hurry.

Trigger’s calling from place profound,
Listen, it leads homeward bound.

Ready to stop getting tossed around?
Look inside and you will be found.

Hate yourself you should not,
Perfect little thing you hath brought.

Work within, find things much greater,
Faith in this you’ll have much later.

Dreams now of stellar travel,
As that inner space unravels.

Find yourself a peace of silence,
Listen and there lies your balance.

Once that temperance is achieved,
The looking within you can leave.

But for a moment, come back soon,
Just look again at that other goon.

See you then that former foe,
Find something you didn’t know.

You not did they want to kill,
They were climbing their own hill.

Thing once filled you with dread,
Thing was born inside your head.

Side by side you can live,
Learning each now to forgive.

Long way from where you’ve been,
Tired soldier, battle now’s within.
© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.