Finding Equilibrium With Others

A couple of ducks at the water’s edge – male and female.


The orange setting sun and a piece of the moon. Echoes on reality if it was such. At sunset, settling in. Being. A nice warm evening tonight, but they never go inside, they’re out there, doing the same thing in the middle of freezing winter. They survive, and thrive, enjoying the fruits of Earth. All the while we’re in here, having angst about our kid’s grade on her math test. Subtle Lessons of nature ever present, if you take notice.

We know for sure, for certain, that we don’t know everything. With THAT knowledge we can only go forward in our truest form with curiosity. Always looking to learn more, and always hesitant to conclude. Concluding is death, and in infinite curiosity, there is no such thing.

Thoughts turn to friends come and gone, acquaintances, family, companions. Some you’re with always. Others unseen for years. There’s equilibrium with all of them – close or not close as the unique composition of each one dictates.

Heart drifts, like objects floating in the galaxy, millions of miles apart, varying degrees and directions of orbit. Not often within sight, but each having a profound impact on the other. Each planet, star, comet as a person in your life. Earth loves sun, sun loves Earth, Earth loves moon. Yet they all keep varying distances from each other. At points of their orbit, they’re close, and sometimes they’re far, and sometimes they have other celestial bodies intermingling the dance.

Why can’t we be together always?

If sun and Earth held close, Earth would burn up, vaporize. If the moon cozied up with Earth, life as we know it would cease to exist, instantly. Similarly, the stars, distant, elsewhere in the galaxy, other galaxies, comets and moons, all play their roles in constant motion and eternal equilibrium. The sun and Earth are inseparable. Without the sun, Earth is a lifeless, icy rock. Without Earth, the sun would burn out to the empty void, never offering that life force it exists to provide. They’re linked, they’re one, yet they remain apart, at a safe . . . no . . . a perfect, distance. And it all just works. You love them, they’re necessary for you to live and flourish, but if they get too close, one might be harmed, or render the rest in distress.

Finding equilibrium with others. Finding those healthy distances. All serving some purpose to you, and you to them, some up close, some from afar, and then loving them all and how they fit together in cosmic perfection.
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