Morning Skies

What colors do paint the skies on this day?
What words within will it have to say?

Frozen in awe as it all gets too loud.
Deafening silence up in the clouds.

Deep textures revealed by morning rays.
Listening now for what it says.

Profound meanings, not one or two.
Forgot what today I intended to do.

Taken by drama unfolding above.
Harkened back here, a message of love.

We all stand below this striking blanket.
Most are oblivious or they too would thank it.

Wrapped up in the Earth and matters of mind.
Look up above and answers you find.

No words written up in the clouds.
Yet speaking deeply to you somehow.

No verbiage jotted across the sky.
But reminder of peace you can ally.

Within that peace, much is revealed.
What is needed, simple and surreal.

Let go of control but for a minute.
Watch what unfolds, wisdom within it.

Simple fix, lost but now found
Leading you on to places profound

Back now to contrast, oh how it’s rife
Onward more wholly through your daily life
© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.