Surrendering Heart

Yielded heart to beliefs not of your own,
Born of fear, so-animal of being alone.

Heart of man, by it onward driven,
Source, never taken, only given.

Donor is you, there can be no other,
To fiends pretending to be your brother.

Fault them not, they cast no stone,
They too fear being alone.

Giving yours up, it helps them not,
Their work never was what you’ve got.

Side by side, will fit in good time,
Where yours is yours and mine is mine.

Follow heart and your way joyfully clear,
Compliance with them not needed my dear.

Defend that heart, keep it free and flowing,
Explore within, brings things you crave knowing.

Not organ of your body collection,
But point of heaven and earth connection.

That’s the time space you now fill-full,
Mindful lure to which there feels pull.

Resulting imprisonment for no good reason,
Instead you strike out and wander through the season.

The jailing ends at time of your choosing,
Cast you those shackles needing some losing.

You then liberate, free to explore,
Depths of your perfect flame ever more.
© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.