The Seat of Conclusion

You’ve built a life on a bedrock of facts derived from years of experience, conditioning, conclusion and judgment. It’s the walls of your home, your truth.

An assumption is defined as a thing that’s accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof. Without proof. It’s a fabrication of the mind, a fiction. Assumptions are the legs supporting the seat of conclusion. As one or more assumptions are disproven, the legs disappear, the seat wobbles and eventually crumbles. Suddenly that conclusion, accepted as fact, as moments ago certainty, has now itself become nothing more than a fiction.

The seat of judgment is similar to conclusion except one or more of the legs are crafted of preference, of opinion. It too a fiction, but far feebler than assumption. How can we cast judgment or conclude with any certainty?

Conclusions are fleeting, a freeze frame of a speck of dust that will never be still, serving as the bedrock of nothing more than this concept which is nothing more than a thought, which too is fleeting. Futile to grasp in a world of motion. Feelings are true. Anchored, fixed, often hidden but never gone. What they mean is indeterminable. Language of feelings, unfathomable notions – understanding, defining, discerning serves only to diminish. So why bother. Assembled in momentary grandeur within the energy of the heart – true not in meaning, but in affect. Taught, steady strings awaiting the moment, the touch, making them vibrate in tune and playing the song to again reveal that truth once lost, now found.
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