The Truth of Feelings

Matter that this might not be true?
Depends on what it means to you.

Questing facts for better life?
Seeking stories of fictional strife.

How does that make life seem good?
Feeling of where they once stood.

Get a sense, and have right to it,
No scars later you went through it.

Rousals equal volumes learned,
Spewed facts rife wisdom unearned.

Sliver of light in recounted glory,
Clarity lies in unrolling story.

Dregs label it as fairy tale trash,
Ignorant of your heart-mind thrash.

Words unique not in meaning but effect,
You’re much more learn-ed now in retrospect.

Accounts deemed facts be mere illusion.
Convinced they through widespread collusion.

Masses accept these conclusions as real.
Forgetting the value of how it feels.

Take in what will even those who lack sense.
Value to all lay in its re-son-ance.

If it has that effect on you,
You’ll know that message to be true.

Energy of words, a glowing ember.
Resulting flames making you remember.

Who you are, why you here for,
Recount ways of coming tour.

Worthless book, sits on your shelf,
Within lies way home to self.

Those shunned pages, you pause to start,
Wisdom there through songs of the heart.
© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.