Eye of the Storm

Eye of the storm, an ironic space
Winds swirl around your quiet place

There you can watch and remain relaxed
Center of chaos and yet somehow detached

Round and round it does go
Back again soon you know

You see the wall of the storm
Streaming ruin is the norm

Passing debris once again frequents
All the world also rolls in sequence

Carnage casts seeds of rebirth
Hard truth of life on Earth

Each with a cycle all of its own
Things you observe within this cone

Unique patterns each they follow
Viewing in safety not hard to swallow

All else near to the galaxy’s border
Follows its own similar order

Markets crash to mayflies’ emergence
Coming and going, dropping and surges

Find the pattern is but a game
What once was, will be back again

Learning when to act and when to be patient
Harnessing wisdom from times of ancient

Spotting the rhythm brings such elation
Discovering secrets of all creation

© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.