Loyal Warrior

Loyal warlord falls from his horse
Gripped and silently torn from his source

Seen and brought death to men all his life
Defending his honor, his tribe and his wife

One strapping warrior he called his son
Stripped away long ago and killed by the hun

Searing his heart when that boy was taken
Changing directions as he did awaken

The same battle rages a-gain and a-gain
Til you awaken you too it will drain

Victories lend more things to defend
Losses raise yearning for more revenge

Followed warlord’s bloodthirsty ways
Prowess in battle father did raise

Realized the futility quite long ago
When buried slain boy, put him below

White gray long hair, wrinkled scars mark his face
Fight now for peace his young tribesmen he chase

Admired for his feats, but driveling now
Young men crave vengeance they go anyhow

Similar weapons each of them wields
Off they go to new battlefields

Failed his attempt to stop the fight
Loyalty brings his soul back to night

Can’t stop them this time, so he will go too
Forgotten wisdom on what he should do

Young beast of local legend and lore
Now feebly older and riding once more

Knocked from that horse, spear to his chest
Never a chance to give this day’s best

Looking upon, from above as if flying
Young men down there still fighting and dying

More lives cut short, blood soaked those fields
All from perceived dignity steal

Ego and fear take hold once more
Darkness to reign these times and much more

So far from grace, enduring these wounds
Returning to home he’ll be back soon

Lost and far on Earth in these times
Healing not yet, hearts they must find

Love all and one forgotten to rage
Evil and fear propel through this age

Seeds for light’s return as if always will
Restless these souls never stay still

Endless battle soon will be solved
Healing heart wounds far more involved

Forgiveness now the weapon we like
Disarm your opponent before the first strike

Look back upon, again from above
Sharpened swords no match for love

Similar conflicts, or so they seemed
Delivered from then, now you redeem

Act in alignment with that old soul
Come ‘round again to be made whole

© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.