Sand Castles

A big part of you lies within
Ignoring this is where you’ve been

Move through life way too fast
Missing things immeasurably vast

Working to make it from crude matter
Absorbed by the constant chatter

Ego serving to protect
Clarity it does infect

Wants are all within reach
Easy as a walk on a beach

Need to find some shelter
Built house of sand you swelter

Grain by grain, scoop by scoop
Once it’s done, you’ll recoup

House built, now you’re drained
Here comes the tide again

Washes away all you’ve built
Effort for naught as you wilt

Walk the shore around the bend
Brick and mortar did ascend

You were not the only one
Needing shelter from the sun

Many before worked the sand
To build safety with their hands

Hearing sound of widespread call
One profits from building tall

Feeling for those poor brethren sort
She always wanted to build resort

From their need and her desire
Creating, building, shelters higher

Unknown luxury in their midst
Bygone beach struggle to subsist

Matters taken to their hands
Never thought to walk these lands

Had they walked a little more
Better things there were in store

Working hard toward that end
Home was just around the bend

Patient allow unseen juggle
Forego sand castle struggle

Their hard labor was not needed
Hope for shelter had been heeded

Origin of it all you’ll find
Energy from living mind

Before you make yourself be batten
Let go, allow and let it happen
© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.