Winds of Change

Foundations shift beneath your feet
Former masters getting beat

Once accepted as the norm
Race to hide from the storm

Churning now for some time
Cycles have reached their prime

Swings one way, then goes back
Look out before you get whacked

Perceived now as man deranged
My oh my how times have changed

High road paved all ways with love
True safety resides above

Defense from those with long tooth
Best to disrobe and bear truth

Standing firm in height of light
No place there for fright of night

From there see this violent swing
Ride the wave now they all cling

But that wave naught too steady
That too turns before you’re ready

Fear of hit received head on
Things like this never be gone

Stand in truth above the fray
Or else you too soon they slay

Rolling aback and then forth
Always moving here on Earth

Change is constant ever nascent
Warning softly the complacent
© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.

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