Your Truth

What is your truth? Most important to you?
What is your truth? What do you want to do?

Up to now, doing things the hard way.
On this here a few things to say.

Picture the vast blue ocean
Always in eternal motion

Tranquil power for such destruction
Images now seed your construction

Periodic driving rain
Smoothing granite cropping ‘gain

Persistent lapping on the shore
Powdery sand of shells evermore

Holding air in temperate moderation
Feeding turning tropic palpitation

Nourish clouds for flowing river
Sustaining way of great life giver

The sea does all these things
But now speak of what you bring

As is above, so is the same below
You’re not unlike the sea you know

Being working at many levels
Different states for your revels

Change you need not force
Comes about in due course

Not today, tomorrow or next year
Still on its way, have no fear

Go on now with ease and flow
Never fret at where you go

What you think is your only chance
Is far from fleeting happenstance

Your being in its wisdom far more vast
What’s known as your final breath is not the last

Always another chance for it to mend
Know deep down, there is no end

Far more than flesh and blood creature
You too are a powerful force of nature
© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.