Observer is Fundamental

Request a minute of attention.
Something relevant here to mention.

Relates to image in the mirror.
To us, no one else is dearer.

It can be hard to look at you.
That’s what we’re asking you to do.

Consumed at times by other persons.
Link with who you really are worsens.

Can’t know what’s in their head,
But from there you are led.

It all creates way too much confusion.
Individuality you’re losing.

Time to get back in touch.
Care for yourself and such . . .

Point of inner mastery,
Angle of reality.

No matter what others see,
Observing from point of thee.

Witness is key, science said,
Firmly plant your place of stead.

From that spot, all else moving,
Your standpoint now improving.

Long time judged by those false gods,
Impact soon faces tall odds.

Planted here within your own,
Revealed to you things unknown. . .

Don’t shovel dark from the room,
Turn on the light, let it swoon.

Don’t break shackles of your masters,
Faith in self brings freedom faster.
© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.