Flame of Desire

Flame of desire, Not unlike fire

One destroys homes, reduced to coal
Other strikes pain, searing your soul

Stamped out now, to stay secure
Yet brings about, that much more

Intend to deny, want reviled
Born their new want, in your denial

This new one gets you annoyed
At least old want you enjoyed

Smothered desire does you no good
Best to control the burn of that wood

Fire you see has many great uses
Cooks to warmth to light it produces

Absence makes life all that much worse
With this misery you can traverse

Moving and turning never be still
Channeled desire driving your will

Wants now in focus, will activated
Driving onward to all you’ve awaited

Smoldering flame of destruction?
Or creature of worldly construction?

Almighty force flows through these doors
How it is used? That choice is yours.

© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.