Infinite Well Being

A little talk with the heart
Hear the feelings it imparts

To the tips its beat is weaving
Distancing from prior seething

Clouded often by the minding
Keeping one from buried finding

Drama’s hold getting shoddy
Space rising out of body

These look clearer when detached
Disparity has its match

Soon there is an emerging
Parts of self are converging

Things you see not with your eye
Eternal sense of the “I”

Self stands in multi-layers
Perspectives on all those flavors

No fear of what you’re seeing
This infinite well being

What concerned you just before
Gentle answers you ignored

Loved ones that passed long ago
Always with you now you know

Joyful eyes no longer dry
Basking in the reasons why

Rise again in density
Wise with new propensity
© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.