Bricks & Stained Glass

Bricks and stained glass surround these halls
From deep within the maker calls

Speaks of things old as the hills
Naught can we forget them still

Man up front standing tall
His words echo off the wall

Tainted message he sometimes brings
Listen closely and soul still sings

His moves preserve the institution
Yet within a sincere solution

Never hanging by the rope
Reminds us there’s always hope

God, science and philosophy
All from united prophecy

Mindful not to blindly follow
But word’s meaning far from hollow

Recalling forgiveness of sin
Vast implication there within

See this maker made all diverse
Includes those seemingly adverse

Demons, killers, loathing scum
Still something to learn from

Villians, thieves and flaking crumb
All creations of this one

For it all there is reason
Once clouded in this season

Nonsense covers up the find
Revealed through an open mind
© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.