Ocean of You

Once praised you, now they resent.
An ego bruising event.

Self-pride ruled you in the past.
Have you overcome at last?

These things hurt, they always do,
But watch how you now move through.

Your character has not changed.
Their perception re-arranged.

Took with a grain when they cheered,
No big deal as you get jeered.

‘Twas your way, chosen by you.
Steady now, as you remain true.

They can’t fully know your path,
Only you can do the math.

Scorn and praise not in this equation.
These things no longer your persuasion.

Link to your source not set by others.
Your bond is yours alone my brother.

Remain at peace right there within yours.
You’ve been all along, and it endures.

So grateful you are for these lessons.
Loving those teachers, they are blessings.

Peace within is undisturbed.
Flowing spirit can’t be curbed.

Storms flow in yet this level keeps.
Ocean of you is vast and deep.

© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.