Light of Day

Light of day, oh how cleansing.
Many facets to be condensing.

Think you’ve found the way to go
Upward feeling, you just know.

Then some parts must be kept secret
Only allowed, if you keep it.

Fluttering is this red flag
Suspicion wrote on the tag.

If for good, why can’t it be open?
Or else it looks more like a rope in.

That rope to draw you close
With just this little dose.

Compelled to leave things behind
What you often closely mind.

Secrecy called for in fear.
Of what? Is the question here.

Fear exercise of free will?
Fear of some plan not fulfill?

These are worthy of discussion
Without fear of repercussion.

Shut down discussion at this juncture?
An even more suspect conjuncture!

What plan for good makes its mark
Under the cover of dark?

Talk it over, talk it through,
What’s the worst that can happen to you?

Good news be spread far and wide,
Only sick things kept inside.

Perhaps good reason not to flout,
Then that reason should be aired out.

These secret schemes, make them plain,
Raise them to the light again.

If they wilt under the light,
Then just move on or take flight.

If in the sun it looks right,
Hath no fear of prompted night.
© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.