Bridge Builder

Worlds apart and miles away,
Nothing more that we can say.

But wait, there is more to it,
Reconcile, we can do it.

Opposite but so much more,
Gazing to that distant shore.

You are here and they are there,
Water’s edge you sit and stare.

Both sides really one and same,
Disagreement never tame.

Negotiations make clear,
Let go of this ancient fear.

Each side lovingly gives,
Both try to find way to live.

Standing firm, standing true,
Both need to do that too.

Here lies the paradox of ages,
Dusty key to open these cages.

In you they will not confide,
So you’ll stay set on your side.

One of them from over there,
He’s the one who will lay bare.

Most conflicts he can destruct,
Another bridge he’ll construct.

They trust him he’s one of theirs,
But of your cause, he well cares.

He’s the one to cross the gap,
He won’t fall into that trap.

But once built the rest will come,
To see that we all are one.
© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.