Splash in the Pond

Stone splashing into your pond.
Glassy calm suddenly gone.

You jump in to smooth it out.
Hands press, more waves come about.

Small things cause big upheaval.
All holding stones, deemed evil.

Pond of your world will always be fine.
Response to event ruined your mind.

Step back and view this splashing affair.
How to prevent it is your nightmare.

Just watch that stone and rippling waves,
From the sidelines your sanity saves.

Ripples bounce back off the shore.
On return creates some more.

All of them shortly settle.
Sitting through takes some mettle.

Watching how that surface is shaken.
Calm of your soul hard to be taken.

Return of glassy surface.
Wonder why you were nervous.

Composed in thought you find truth.
Those who threw stones, worst was you.

Life’s about errant splash bombs.
Watch, wait and stay ever calm.

© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.