Between the Lines

What’s really going on here?
What is it that you fear?

Searching for answers, searching for clues,
Suspended, motionless, what else to do?

Body language, face, tenor of voice?
Disbelieve words, so really no choice.

Yearning for all to be made plain.
Forget not the obvious, clouds then might wane.

Perhaps those words are just what they mean.
Maybe there’s no elaborate scheme?

On other levels, in other planes.
Meaning, perhaps is all the same.

No need to read between the lines.
Lines themselves are clear in their signs.

Those lines do tell what you don’t want to hear.
Maybe that’s why you looked elsewhere my dear.

Seeking words to quench your fears and wants.
Far and wide you look yet it still haunts.

Bending and twisting reality,
Soon it all seems of normality.

Plain truth becomes then dimmer and dimmer.
This caused mistrust, it started to simmer.

But in not hearing the truth of THIS space,
Answers were missed though stare in the face.

Look again one day, but absent of want.
Plain as day the truth there will flaunt.
© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.