Howling Winds of Fear

Wind howls across these stands.
Fear swirling throughout these lands!

Clutched in worries bigger.
Rage withheld on a trigger.

Huddled separate by a pledge.
World balanced on the edge!

Endless futures consume thought.
Mere prospects have us all caught.

Caught in static states unkind.
Taught in tangled mess of mind.

Fictional place we’re trapped in.
Most prospects never happen.

Tremendous effort to hold that tension.
Point of this it’s time to mention.

Efforting less in stewing.
Saving energy for doing.

Instead of being gripped by fear.
Let go, surrender, let this all clear!

Mighty gusts through the trees.
The present, it’s time to seize.

It’s largely out of our hands.
Exalting those swaying stands.

Sparrow never builds stores for its food.
Yet the land provides for it real good.

Coming future might be hell.
But in right now all is well.

Bask in now for moment hath fleeted.
‘Morrow we’re not yet needed.

But the day may come soon, if ever.
Staying present is the endeavor.
© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.