Life you’re living has meaning.
Wonder is intervening.

What brings these things to the fore?
Desire for something more?

Seemingly random events,
Not without their precedents.

Coincidence but a name,
Endless prior cause to blame.

Number of hairs on your head.
Order of the words she said.

Ripened fruits of the season.
All of it has its reason.

Searching for the why’s, you can.
Unending quest, none withstand.

Prior yearning may persist.
Instinct therein to resist.

Reaction you remember.
This time you will surrender.

All happening in due course.
From best intent of your source.

Your obligations have weighed.
Go forward. Be not afraid.

You control but a fraction.
Let go to get more traction.

With defense disconnected,
You’ll find you’re still protected.

By what is of no matter.
Your truth quiets that chatter.

For greater good, come what may.
Time for you to seize this day.

© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.