Center of the Infinite

Journey to the center of all existence.
Just where did they put such subsistence?

Questions of the size and bounds of such things.
Deep thoughts, confusion and fatigue notion brings.

Surely it must soon come to an end.
Tell me what is that point, my friend?

Try to quantify from a finite mind.
End not something we’re meant to find.

Where’s center of all that is?
Start and end of un-timed quiz.

All that is truly is infinite?
Then any point is center of it.

Stand on a circle, piece of space time.
Sketch of which is an infinite line.

Where you stand is always the center.
Matters not from where you enter.

Same length extends, each side of your plane.
Until that line reaches you again.

Ponder this thought if you’ll allow
Center of forever is where you are right now.

Center of all is different for each.
Perspective is the truth we teach.

Trying to walk in another’s shoes.
To fully know them is but a ruse.

They stand in the center too.
Distinct from the one for you.
© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.