What’s the Reason?

Stroke of luck be displeasin’?
I feel it has a reason.

One’s we call coincidence,
Just unexplained incidents.

What are those reasons, you ask?
Finding out is quite the task.

For sometimes you think you know.
One digit of the combo.

But there’s always trillions more,
Drilling down into the core.

It’s an amalgamation.
Endless prior causation.

Contributing to the things,
That to us this moment brings.

Get some answers? That’s a gift.
Nuggets in your life to sift.

Helping you to feel re-fine.
Little wink of the divine.

Can we really understand,
Before our bodies remand?

Passing back into the ground,
And continuing around.

To those places more profound,
Will the answers there be found?

Beliefs we put our hope in.
Blasting our minds wide open.

Chain of events to swallow
Further than mind can follow

Pursuit could last forever.
Reach an end, we can never.

Before we do expire.
These ideas make me tire.

Within these thoughts, I shall wrap,
As I pause to take a nap.

© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.