The Beast Awaits

Body of this mortal man.
Protect from pain, understand?

Getting through but not repair.
Leading back to more despair.

Hiding away is a choice.
Shame within is given voice.

Closing keeps the beast at bay.
But it never goes away.

Within a wall of worry.
To here we often hurry.

Once seemingly safe inside,
Still there is no place to hide.

Stash and shove it further down.
Your own victim, self is drowned.

Trying to avoid crisis.
Paying still higher prices.

For sanity and for peace.
Time for this pain to release.

Shadows of that ancient hurt.
Get in close and reassert.

Reckoning stalled for too long.
Resistance now much more strong.

Places you least want to go.
Here you’re needed, now you know.

Staying true and standing tall.
Let it go once and for all.

Truth adorns your humble crown.
Destroy the beast, put it down.

Take back that old beginning.
A new day you’ll be winning.

This gift bounded up inside.
Unleash your truth far and wide.
© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.