Balance The Darkness

Irksome prickly forest floor.
Fuss ‘bout what exists no more.

Miss the forest and pine trees.
Needle pokes behind your knees.

Forest shows where it all goes.
Ways in which your life can flow.

Clouds pass through the patch of sky.
Lost in time and asking why.

Grounded upon the morass.
Prophecy now comes to pass.

Needle bed magnificence.
Your buried significance.

Lay upon numbers untold.
Your story yet, to unfold.

Go inside and take a peek.
Passion within so unique.

Nother child defiant.
Therein lies sleeping giant.

Your dancing to your own beat.
It’s nature none can defeat.

Far more than learned talents.
Lacks but a touch of balance.

Balance darkness that you hold.
Transforming lead into gold.

Adorned with soft golden wings.
Rise above the trees it brings.

Defiant of gravity.
Savior of humanity.
© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.