Forsaken Nature

Brute of the cosmos, man of the wild.
Shielded by progress, do reconcile.

Calling of nature, but no one shows.
These calls soon wane then lie in repose.

Nature’s anthem soon loses its tone.
Leaves devices to tend on your own.

Steadfastly devout in your own means.
Rely on your brain and your machines.

But in the course of this daily grind.
Some of these things forgetting to mind.

Gradually, pieces start to break down.
Talk of more fixes then start to drown.

Chemicals, tools and pills on a tray.
Natural means get further away.

Tention now fixed, abnormal hurtin’.
Hastened demise seems all but certain.

Long ago nature had been forsaken.
This is a moment to reawaken.

It’s never gone, though hidden from view.
You are a feature of nature too.

Calling it in and keeping its laws.
Embraced again with renewed cause.

Many of these things you took to task.
Now done for you, just needed to ask.

Get back in rhythm, get back in rhyme.
Move onward with ease, and just in time.

Propelled by machines of modern conception.
Forget not the truth, your native inception.

Mother nature’s magnificent beast.
Nurtures its own and not in the least.

But when her gift’s been lightly dispensed.
Best of her passion soon turns against.

This nature is at the root of your power.
Ignore this fact and you too it devours.
© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.