Hidden Significance

Life plays your human strings.
Listen close and hear it sing.

In this world you are needed.
Simple callings go unheeded.

Seeking greater magnitude.
Shifting of your attitude.

Nothing is insignificant.
All of it magnificent.

You have a talent; you have a like.
Point of crosses there to strike.

Drifting sparks look all the same.
With you involved, sets roaring flame.

From your perspective it’s not that much,
But oh how many this light will touch.

Piece of dust to your left side.
Significance of that speck does hide.

Ash of wood, or piece of clothes?
Fleck of dirt came from, who knows?

Many times around the world.
Years waiting for truth unfurled.

Role of this grit far bigger.
Expanded thought it triggers.

This piece of grit we will anoint.
Sitting there to make a point.

No matter what you do.
Your affects far exceed you.

You can’t know how many you’ll save.
The sway continues beyond the grave.

But this little task is unimport?
Disengaging we can’t afford.

Live your passion, use your skills.
Your destiny will then be fulfilled.

Dust’s importance no longer slight.
Impetus for your shining light.

© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.