Innocence of childhood.
Circumstance when all was good.

Animal was unaware.
Ancient forest, sit and stare.

These things bring respite and peace.
Worship them not in the least.

It’s nature in its first form.
Before trouble was the norm.

In its perfection something missing.
Choices before the serpent hissing.

With that choice we gained free will.
And since then we have it still.

With this freedom there’s more choice.
Some yield to an evil voice.

Treating others with contempt.
What mayhem you can attempt.

Or you choose the higher road.
And feel the grace that’s bestowed.

Yearning for home to your soul.
Which way back to be made whole?

Turning dark, does it repair?
Or bring this world more despair?

On the good setting your sight.
Starting then to make things right.

Aiming then to be bigger.
Your next move is the trigger.

There is no back, only fore.
That’s the feeling you adore.

This burning flame once aligned.
Kindles spark of yours Divine.
© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.