Balance is where we create.
Imbalance is where we wait.

Creating worlds or an endeavor.
Creating bonds that last forever.

Waiting for someone to give you more.
Waiting for another to adore.

To joyful giving and receiving.
Each other’s side they’re never leaving.

Empty glass filled with potential.
Add wine for drink existential.

Canvas and paint each will do their part.
With inspired hands making the art.

Fusing these elements in balance.
Revealing other worldly talents.

Perfect not, but progress in rhythm.
Though ups and downs, better off with ‘em.

Equilibrium’s rarely equal.
Also the way of in love people.

Senseless the marriage traditional.
Yet their love is unconditional.

Beautifully messy co-creation.
From endless earlier causation.

In harmony it grows with great ease.
In all creation the truth of these.
© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.