Love Lost?

Times that passed – made your heart sing.
Gone too fast – swan’s song hath bring.

Watch and wait – for its return.
Sweet feeling – for which you yearn.

Can’t bear it – thoughts of your part.
Can’t keep on – with broken heart.

It takes two – that’s what they said.
Lie awake – night in your bed.

More you try – further it goes.
Take me from – these burning throes!

If only she would, that’s what you say.
You have no right, to make it this way.

If that’s how, she did agree,
That pact would make her less free.

The gifts she’s given you past,
Take them, feel, find that they last.

Won’t be the same, you so long.
Don’t you see? That is not wrong.

Hurt and regret, each helping you hatch,
Clear notions of, a more perfect match.

Making it better next time around.
Give up sorrow, fuller love be found.
© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.