Speaking here now of pride.
Seeking proof far and wide.

That you are what you suspect.
Pieces of praise you expect.

They converse and soon insult.
Dashed your view as a result.

Felt okay before words were spoken.
Confidence so easily broken?

Who you are hasn’t changed a bit.
What you think they think lends a fit.

Such a discomforting mess.
Can’t control how they express.

Fancied esteem they did smuggle.
Laying bare an inner struggle.

Their harsh ways you’ll never vanquish.
Welcome in this mental anguish.

Absorb the hits, you’ll be fine.
Character yours, to define.

Exercise of their free will.
You’re a rock, inside be still.

Your light resides deep within.
It shines out, not outward in.

Find out how and you’ll be whole.
Not again your pride be stole.

© 2018 The Rememberings Ltd.