Feeling Creature

Sophisticated feeling creature.
But what a nasty little feature.

Events crossing space and time.
Swirls round perception refined.

Tiniest fraction catch attention.
Still those too numerous to mention.

Few burn ever so sweetly.
Your peace severed so neatly.

How it disrupts your thinking.
Quicker than an eye blinking.

Then rage soaks your awareness.
Gone are notions of fairness.

This event of your despise.
A hidden gift therein lies.

Why you became so upset.
This affair is best to let.

Let it play out as it will.
Stay observant, ever still.

Oh from these feelings that burn.
Of who you are ‘bout to learn.

It’s the part of you that sees.
That calls on the rest to freeze.

The disturbance you’ll endure.
But from it you can innure.

For that which brings much chagrin.
Sits not without, but within.

If you calm that inner beast.
Many bothers will release.

© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.