What Am I Supposed To Do?

What am I supposed to do?
Have some ideas, here’s a few.

Who are you trying to please?
In prayers wisped from your knees?

It’s that tyrant of a boss?
The lover who you just lost?

What is it that makes you itch?
Idea that will make you rich?

Child trusted to your care?
Who or what makes you lay bare?

Many masters, many needs.
Thoughts and you spread thin like seeds.

Pleasing all, a bridge too far.
They all need you as you are.

Their demands they no doubt taunt.
Most important, what you want.

These folks and things, one and all.
Making them a common call.

You are all their common thread.
You, the rock from which they tread.

Ye don’t care for yourself first,
Into sands this rock dispersed.

So what is it you’re to do?
First and fore, take care of you.

© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.