Shadows of the Mind

Ragged edge of disaster.
Shadows of maligned master.

Array of all dark choices.
Pain pervades distant voices.

Wrapped up in this wretched curse.
Always means to make it worse.

Burdened by much resistance.
Scornful of all existence.

I’ll kill off that which is good.
Not to be misunderstood.

Confined by mind indignant.
Gripped by something malignant.

Caught in a demonic rout,
And praying for some way out.

“No way out, but you’ll find,
Keep this darkness of the mind.

Hold near’s what you need to do,
Darkness is a part of you.

Fix not, but inside be better,
Then you’ll release this fetter.”

Stories of the mythical.
Ever in the typical.

This, the landscape of the mind.
Hero waits yet undefined.

Breaking bad will not suffice.
Calls toward certain sacrifice.

Bear the cross of my being.
Soon some light I am seeing.

Head toward the light, and I find,
Shadows then falling behind.
© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.