Energy of Words

Watching as the water flows.
Thinking of the ways to go.

Impressions of precious birth.
Vintage set for what it’s worth.

Manner formed at once in time.
Serving sometimes to remind.

How I arrived for this life,
Drama making its days rife.

My fate sealed perhaps back then.
Until words flow from that pen.

Soon I’m finding so much more.
See the face of what’s in store.

Toiling on through my days.
For ups and downs I give praise.

Hidden gifts in all seasons.
These affects all have reasons.

Tomes align for my gleaning.
Here I find profound meaning.

Seedlings dropping from the tree.
In my mind inspiring me.

More words arrive like a song.
Back to writing before long.

Not quite sure what it all means.
Whisperings of things unseen.

Follow along as I will.
Listening as more words spill.

With such ease on these pages.
Like a scribe of the ages.

Simple thoughts of days that past.
For some time these feelings massed.

Feelings never could explain.
Now in words made more than plain.

Sort and sift this inner stuff.
Seems there’s always just enough.

Treasure of this quiet time.
Gentle moments of Divine.
© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.