A Charmed Life

These things always swing my way.
Not sure what more I can say.

Orchestrated by some laws.
Of affects there must be cause.

Causes perhaps beyond mine.
Things keep turning out so fine.

Someone guiding from above?
Unseen force propelled by love?

Maybe this is just a ride?
Driven from the other side?

Whipping up some perfect now.
I must be involved somehow.

But who is I, who is me?
Within my own I can’t see.

To get a clear look beneath.
Is like biting my own teeth.

How such concepts seem absurd.
What deep thoughts this question stirred.

Am I driving my own life?
Speculation here is rife.

Of what it was that I did.
To get this joy I’m amid.

Propelling this great ascent.
Can I do this with intent?

I would need to understand.
What it means to be a man.

Who keenly knows who he is.
His place in the world of his.

Answers to my every prayer.
Of how I am unaware.

I’ll keep searching for the roots.
But for now enjoy the fruits.

© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.