Destiny’s Dance

Gripped by events not known in advance.
At once swept up in destiny’s dance.

Subtly poking from some beyond.
Locked so intently by this strange bond.

It’s never the way, you would have planned,
Far more perfect, this moment at hand.

Relent to this dance, what can you do?
Life it seems now happening TO you.

Here and then there – some grace is allowed.
As you go on – far more grace is found.

Before too long, back from where you roam.
Frolic through times, that you’ve never known.

Enduring the twists, coming out fine.
Tempting now, to sort out in your mind.

“How was it that this came about?”
“How did that verse just seem to sprout?”

All ways must – be much more than is seen.
Wondering what – these symphonies mean.

This dance continues, but it has slowed.
Return to normal, it soon will goad.

Keep up the steps, soon get some distance.
Some perspective on this existence.

Did some good things, at least for today.
Time to move on, but tuck these away.

There will be more, and far more intense.
Perhaps then this dance might make more sense.
© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.