Once but another creature.
Now Earth’s dominant feature.

Bypassing evolution.
More than a revolution.

Was it some ancient event?
Was it maybe heaven sent?

Tales passed down once and again.
Governed ways of many men.

Synthesizing minds and lives.
Through it all the race did thrive.

Powers of not but a few.
But in fact of all of you.

It’s easier to be led.
But your flame is never dead.

You’re all monarchs of the race.
It’s a flavor to embrace.

As the master of your own.
The king of yours all alone.

Ruler of yesterday’s you.
Watch how benefits accrue.

From the small you think you are,
Your affects are felt afar.

You are here for a reason.
It’s ripening this season.

Stuck in place, not any more.
Moving forth, to what’s in store.

Roaring flame and humble throne.
Raging on to parts unknown.
© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.