Gate of Creation

Next scene of the life defined,
Before dwelled but in the mind.

‘Bout to be set into form.
Assessing the rising storm.

The storm that these words may bring.
Terror to which feelings cling.

Imagined, thoughts we don’t say.
Cinema, we can replay.

Scenes that can make matters worse.
From tones of a single verse.

Uttered, these thoughts become real.
Lost unto history’s seal.

Perhaps causing far more pain.
Anything in there to gain?

Lies easing tensions befell,
Moving us closer to hell.

Or sketches of higher good.
Of pain once misunderstood.

A breath away from what’s next.
Juncture to feel the effects.

Free, but still accountable.
Strong, but still surmountable.

See, these words hold such great force.
Ways they are used in discourse.

Suffering these words can let.
Or set this world straight but yet.

A profound freedom of choice.
‘Til silence broken by voice.
© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.