King of Knowledge

King of Knowledge to the core.
Humble manner hides much more.

Has riches but doesn’t flaunt.
Knows he’s right but doesn’t taunt.

You know him, he’s one of us.
Takes it easy, little fuss.

Uses his gifts as he may.
Always extra tucked away.

Been round the block once or twice.
Sometimes giving sound advice.

He’s comfortable in this place.
For his own often holds space.

Always walking in the light.
Never minds when others slight.

Knows of travels far and wide.
Favors journeys deep inside.

In there’s what he needs to know.
No place else he’d rather go.

Imagines how he will win.
Sure enough it comes to him.

Giving some as others need.
Peaceful plantings of his seeds.

More you dig, the more you find.
Regal gardener of the mind.
© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.