An Ever Receiving Horizon

Sailing onward day and night.
An end, distant, yet in sight.

Terminus never nearer.
But the path still seems clearer.

Some obstacles come to pass.
Cross on those that seem to last.

There’s the thorns you do not touch.
In your side it hurts too much.

Suffering that has no bound.
Laced with meaning as unwound.

On the blue, getting breezy.
None said this would be easy.

Shaken by the tempestry.
Shatters liquid tapestry.

Seas and toothy beasts with fin.
‘Flecting battles waged within.

Not the find you came here for.
The quest made you flee that shore.

Joy and dread none would believe.
But you did as you took leave.

Doubts raised by this world unkind.
Night sky blanket to remind.

Peaceful wish upon a star.
Home is never all that far.

Keep it close, not to remiss.
As you drift on the abyss.
© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.