Get Some Sleep

‘Morrow’s worries on your mind.
Just some rest you’d like to find.

Nothing to do ‘bout it now.
Only need to sleep somehow.

These worries keep creeping in.
Taking your own for a spin.

Not the time to figure out.
With such thoughts your rest will rout.

They will be there in the morn.
Which will be here before long.

Handled when you’re well rested.
Riddles then will be bested.

For now, just enjoy this bed.
Flattened pillow neath your head.

Worries making your mind swell.
Sleep now for you to be well.

You have known this all before.
Still you stew on what’s in store.

For now, put the fear aside.
Feel your heart beat from inside.

Focus gently on that pulse.
You won’t notice the results.

Deflating the mind’s balloon.
Peace then blankets your bedroom.

Some wistful dreams you might keep.
But for now let’s get some sleep.
© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.