End of the Well-Worn Path

Trodden down this well-worn path.
Walking through some aftermath.

We sages passed, one or few.
Carving this way before you.

Chose the way you most savor.
Then adding your own flavor.

Using those things you’ve been shown.
Making this way of your own.

All what has been done before.
As described in ancient lore.

Each prior was a trial.
Getting back here took a while.

Led you to this little road.
But from here you’ll bear the load.

You have reached our farthest point.
A frontiersman doth anoint.

You’re on some uncharted land.
It’s on you to understand.

What it means to come this far.
Learning who you really are.

Fear like you have never known.
And excitement to the bone.

Now you know this way is true.
Nothing more for us to do.

But we’ll always be around.
Serving thee without a sound.

In the belly of the beast,
Waiting there to be released.

Deeper now into the dark.
Go ahead and make your mark.

© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.