Path of Devotion

“What is it you want to do?”
“Options splayed in front of you.”

None of them are all that clear.
Still don’t know which way to steer.

Jumping fast to the next stone.
Feel as if I’m not alone.

Perhaps from there I will know.
The very best way to go.

If not there, maybe the next.
Simple thing has me perplexed.

Fleshy creature of desire.
Long time nurturing that fire.

Now perfect as a candle.
Where to place my right sandal?

As my flame is burning fine.
Many more are in decline.

Trouble rolls across this land.
Others need a helping hand.

Highest good I can conceive.
‘Haps some pain I can relieve.

One or many can be healed.
No one fate is ever sealed.

With each stepping in this light.
Waiting now is never slight.

Within each hand that I hold.
This path suddenly unfolds.
© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.