Place of My Demise

At the place of my demise,
Without fear to my surprise.

Here’s the body’s final stead,
A creeping thought in my head.

What will come of me at death?
Sending off my final breath.

Body then withers away,
The rest, can I really say?

Can I ever know for sure?
What the truth has in store

I am concerned, either way.
What ensues beyond that day?

“This ride’s over in a blink,
And death is not what you think.

Enjoy this, and fill your cup.
Before long, your time is up.

You’ll march proudly to what’s next,
Beyond your earthly effects.

All that is led you to here,
Unto these words in your ear.

Holding yourself to account,
Of what this time did amount.

In this there can be no wrong.
End will be here before long.

Times pass on without consent.
For now, live and don’t relent.

Fill that chest and hone those eyes.
Worry not of this demise.”

Words making it more than clear.
Meaning to be found right here.

Making more of this place
Worry less of what I’ll face.

Soak in all that comes to pass.
Like this rhyme, it will not last.
© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.