Calm Before the Storm

Tranquil like we’ve never known.
Has the turmoil been postponed?

Soothing as the ground’s been tilled.
Silence as the air has stilled.

Long time yearning for this peace.
Can this moment never cease?

Words bring order, or trigger?
Spark of chaos far bigger.

Dare I disrupt this charmed life?
To be the cause of new strife?

Unknown affects, if any.
Ways to prepare, too many.

Mindful of expectations.
Practicing certain patience.

Suspend in a twisted bind.
Praying for answers to find.

Until then, live, sit and wait,
Word sits locked behind the gate.

Softly wrap my heart around.
Serving thee without a sound.

Easing space now holding here.
Soon making it more than clear.

Shoring foundations of home,
And leaving this peace alone.

Base from which to launch new things.
Welcomed back if failure springs.

Peace and order is the norm?
Or the calm before the storm?
© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.