Guardian of the Gate

A guardian at the gate.
Preserving you for some fate.

Twisted fearful journey here.
She looks on so do not fear.

Clearing threats swirling around.
Constant service with no sound.

Feels your failures to the core.
And your triumphs are adored.

Endure many frustrations.
They are mere preparations.

For that purpose, you’re here for.
Why you left that distant shore.

Journey into this strange land.
Find a way to understand.

What it means to live on earth.
Drench yourself in sense of worth.

This you’ll do on your own
But you’re never all alone.

Pain which you were subjected.
Always, you were protected.

Failures teaching how you’re wrong.
Ways for you to be more strong.

‘Nough to bear burdens of fate.
For this you will not be late.

When you’ve reached another end,
She’ll show the way to transcend.
© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.